Research Article| Volume 66, e27-e36, September 2022

The effect of a school-based fruit and vegetable promotion program on adolescents' fruit and vegetable consumption behavior in Turkey


      • Researchers have noted that especially adolescents tend to eat amounts of fruit and vegetables that are less than the recommended amount for daily consumption.
      • This study was designed with pre-post and follow-up pattern control group and random clustering method.
      • The school-based F&V consumption promotion program was effective in increasing the number of portions of fruits and vegetables students consumed and their behaviors had improved in this regard.
      • The study indicates that the interventions described may be recommended to school nurses for use in their efforts to increase levels of F&V consumption.



      The aim of this study was to analyze the effect of a school-based F&V promotion program developed in line with the transtheoretical model (TTM) on the consumption behavior of middle school students.

      Design and methods

      The study was designed as semi-experimental research with pre−/post- and follow-up tests and a control group. It was conducted at a total of six middle schools in the district of Fethiye/Muğla, Turkey. Three of the schools were selected with the random clustering method as an intervention group and the others as the control group. The F&V promotion program was executed in the intervention group for a period of 24 weeks.


      It was found in the 6th and 12th months after the intervention that the daily number of portions of fruits (p < .01) and vegetables (p < .01) consumed by the students in the intervention group was significantly more compared to the control group. The perception of the pros of F&V consumption and self-efficacy in the intervention group were higher than in the controls (p < .01).


      The school-based F&V consumption promotion program was effective in increasing the number of portions of fruits and vegetables students consumed and in improving their behaviors in this regard.

      Application to practice

      The study indicates that the interventions described may be recommended to school nurses for use in their efforts to increase levels of F&V consumption.


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