Effectiveness of two distraction strategies in reducing preoperative anxiety in children in China: A randomized controlled trial

Published:November 16, 2022DOI:


      • Effective interventions to reduce pre-operative anxiety in children is an urgent need.
      • The effect of two distraction strategies (music or animation) on preoperative anxietyin children is unknown.
      • The music or animation strategies can significantly reduce preoperative anxiety of children.
      • Both strategies are easy to operate in clinical practice.
      • Animation intervention was welcomed by most children.



      Music and animation are the most common and affordable distraction strategies to reduce preoperative anxiety in children; however, their effects are inconsistent. This study aimed to examine the effectiveness of two distraction strategies (music or animation) in reducing preoperative anxiety in children.

      Design and methods

      In this randomized controlled trial, 183 children who underwent surgery were divided into music, animation, and control groups using a single-blind block randomized design. Children in the control group underwent routine preoperative visits. Meanwhile, the children in the intervention groups could choose their favorite music and cartoons as intervention content. Study outcomes included anxiety levels, degree of cooperation, heart rate, and blood pressure. Data were collected before entering the operating room, entering the operating room, and before the induction of anesthesia; only the degree of cooperation was collected before the induction of anesthesia.


      Only animation significantly reduced preoperative anxiety in the children (P < 0.05) upon entering the operating room. Both music and animation reduced the level of preoperative anxiety before induction of anesthesia; however, there was no significant difference between them (P > 0.05). The induction compliance score was significantly lower in the music and animation groups than in the control group (P < 0.05). Heart rates differed significantly between the three groups from before entering the operating room to before induction of anesthesia. Children in the control group had the highest systolic blood pressure upon entering the operating room (P < 0.05).


      Music and animation strategies can significantly reduce preoperative anxiety in children and improve surgical cooperation during anesthesia induction.
      Trial Registration: NCT05285995.


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